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Jon Pritikin is one of the most sought after inspirational speakers. He motivates corporate audiences around the globe, and they walk away feeling inspired, motivated, and entertained. As he shares his personal story of perseverance, he takes the audience on a journey from laughter to tears, and ultimately they are inspired to never give up.

Jon has travelled the world for over two decades inspiring over 10 million people across 40 different countries. Jon resides in Northern California with his wife, Rhonda, and their daughter, Jaden. He and Rhonda are also co-founders of a nonprofit anti-bullying school assembly program called Feel the Power.

In 2007 outside of London, England, Jon broke and set two Guinness World Records. The title that landed his picture in the 2009 Guinness World Record Book is “The Tightest Circumference of Two Aluminum Frying Pans Rolled Together with His Bare Hands in Less Than 30 Seconds."


What to Expect

Jon Pritikin's speaking events are inspiring, entertaining, and the right balance between emotion and humor. He uses feats of strength as a platform of entertainment to engage his audience. He tailors his message to meet the core values and needs of each company. Whether your goal is to motivate your sales force, inspire teamwork, entertain at corporate retreats, boost workplace morale, or combat workplace bullying, Jon is equipped and ready to motivate any audience.


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    Jon’s powerful story reminded us all of how important it is to keep believing in ourselves, be positive and enjoy our lives. The session was truly powerful and inspirational with lots of fun and interaction throughout. We have no doubt that this unique experience can help team members be motivated, re-energised and inspired!

    Conrad Tokyo

    At Pro Athlete, Inc., we have had the opportunity to have a long working business relationship with Jon and Feel The Power as we provide the bats that Jon uses when speaking. As a long-time customer of ours, we decided to bring Jon in to our company so we could hear his message and see what he does with the products that we offer. To say the least, we were very impressed with his inspiring message and amazed at his incredible feats of strength. From Pro Athlete, Inc., thanks for everything!

    Pro Athlete, Inc.

    Jon came and spoke to our team when he was staying with us and team had no idea what the talk was [going to be] about. Jon was amazing, the way he humbly told his own story and used his experiences to motivate our team. Many of them left in tears, and I can genuinely say they changed after hearing him speak.

    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Jon is passionate about sharing his life experiences, and his message motivating others to overcome challenges and make positive life choices is heartfelt. It was wonderful having him visit our team, and we keep his rolled-up frying pan as a fun reminder of his compassion and energy.

    American Airlines

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